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Dinner Reservations are Suggested, though not required.

Please Call for Reservations (256) 634-0066

We do not take reservations through email, thanks so much....

The Wildflower family loves to accomodate our guests' greatest wishes -- and that includes you!
Please read our Reservation Suggestions and Policies below so we can continue to make everyone's
Wildflower Experience Bloom!

Preferred Seating at Lunch

Lunch Seatings /
Sunday /11 am - 2 pm Thursday / 11 am - 3 pm Friday, Saturday

What is preferred seating?
Preferred Seating means we would love to take your name and your anticipated time of arrival. When you arrive you will be seated at the next available table for your party size.

Exceptions for Lunch Reservations for guaranteed indoor reservation seating:
We take preferred seating at lunch with a few exceptions listed below:
Groups of 13 or less may make reservation if they can arrive between 11-11:30.
Groups of 14 or more must arrive between 11 & 11:15.
Please keep in mind that there are limited slots between 11 - 11:30 for reservation seating & then we can only take preferred seating
Terrace Seating: Enclosed when the weather is cold as well as heated (open during warm weather), Beautifully decorated and pleasant atmosphere. We can make arrangements for larger parties on the terrace for groups of up to 40 in cold weather- up to 70 during warm weather.  Parties of 14 or more that come after 11:15 may experience a longer than usual wait due to the amount of orders taken ahead of their party.

Please call us at 256/634-0066 with your approximate time of arrival, and we'll seat you at the first available table (for your party size) on your arrival.

Why Preferred Seating? Preferred Seating is as a result of the unpredicatble nature of the restaurant business.  Wildflower loves to accomodate every desire however it is difficult for us and the customers to predict how long it may take at lunch to complete the meal experience.  It has also come to our attention at lunch that often it is more unpredictable as to what our guests true arrival time may be. We feel preferred seating is the most efficient way to accomplish the best experience possible.

Reservation Seating at Dinner

Gourmet Dinner Seatings / 4 pm - 8 pm
We suggest reservations for Dinner, whether a party of 1 or more. 
We strongly suggest reservations if you are planning to join us on a holiday weekend or if you have a party of 5 or more.
Parties of 9 or more must come by 5:30 or come between 7:30-7:45 unless the party would like to make reservations to dine on our heated, beautifully decorated terrace.  Please call for Details.  Thanks

Outdoor Seating
Please let us know if you prefer outside seating on our terrace.  I cold weather it is heated and enclosed.

Live Music
If you prefer to see the music or if you prefer to be seated further away from the music, please let us know.

Please be on Time
Your reservation will be held for 15 minutes, after which you will be seated in order of waiting list. Exceptions may be made if you call.

Two (2) Hour Maximum
Reservations are made for the following allotted times:
Parties of 2 -3 are seated 1 hour 15 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes apart
Parties of 3- 4 are seated 1 hour 30 minutes to 1 hour 45 minutes apart
Parties of 5 or more are seated 1 hour 45 minutes to 2 hours apart
If you need to reserve your table for more than the allotted time above, please let us know.

Parties needing more than two hours will be charged a fee per table per hour -- $40/day or $60/evening.  (If the time exceeds 2 hours the full fee is charged, whether or not the entire hour is used.)

If your party needs an additional dining table for items such as presents, party favors, etc., the fee is $40 per hour.

Rent a Room or the Entire Wildflower Cafe

The Wildflower Room, the Dining Room, and the Indoor Porch are each available for entire day and evening rentals.

Wildflower Room (seats up to 20)
$300 plus meals (day) / $500 plus meals (evening)

Dining Room (seats up to 23)
$300 plus meals (day) / $500 plus meals (evening)

Indoor Porch (seats up to 26)
$500 plus meals (day) / $850 plus meals (evening)

The Entire Cafe is available for rental. The date must be approved by the owners.
$1000 minimum plus cost of meals (day) /  $1500 minimum plus cost of meals (evening)

On Holidays & Holiday Weekends the Cafe must raise fees for renting the cafe and rooms.

Wildflower has access to other locations,
so we can cater at a different location -- please contact owners
Chef Benjamin or L.C. Moon for details.


A gratuity of 18% may be added to parties of 5 or more. The gratuity is automatically added to parties of 5 or more unless the server requests not to add gratuity to the party. A party of 5 more is still considered a party even if there are separate tickets for the party.

Thanks, we look forward to your visit!

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(Do Not Email Reservations!)

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